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E&T Marketing Solutions a marketing agency that offers comprehensive marketing services and helps the entrepreneur solve marketing problems in the field of running social media, graphic design, creating online stores and websites, provides strategic solutions and communication with the client. The agency also helps promote events, create sponsorship offers and organize the event. The right strategy and marketing communication are the path to your success. Every day, we strive to be a leader among marketing agencies not only on the English market.

~ Elwira Tokaruk Managing Director

Creator of a personal and company brand, a marketing specialist and marketing strategist. She cooperated with companies on the Polish and English market. She gained experience training by training with the best trainers available on the Polish, English and American markets. Her marketing agency is most often chosen for the promotion of cultural and sporting events in the UK. She was a guest in Polish Radio London broadcasts. Author of individual and company marketing training and business publications for the business magazine "Twój Prospekt". Awarded with the best marketing 2019 award during the English Flame Festival competition.





Consultation helps me diagnose your problem, get to know your business and your needs.


Management social media

Effective communication with a potential customer is the basis. Image creation, sponsored advertising, creating and running a fun page on Facebook, advertising and reach analysis, writing customer values. Running other social media - ask for an offer.


Graphic project

Logo design, business card, leaflet, banners, background pictures, graphics. A wide graphic range tailored to your needs and your business.



Building a website, store pages, website positioning, google ads, domain and server. Various options available.


Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy is very important. SWOT analysis of your business, market analysis, social media analysis, defining priorities, marketing goals, defining the target group, defining communication channels, performance indicators and action plan as well as a personal brand building plan.


Video marketing and animation

Promotional films, films from company events, animations, submission of material recorded by the client.


Marketing cources

Individual and corporate marketing training, where to look for clients, how to choose the right target group, how to advertise and make a strategy, how to appear on the web and many other topics.


Organization and promotion of events

Depending on what event you organize and what scope you expect. I offer event preparation, promotion, preparation of sponsorship offer and obtaining sponsors, organization of the event, arranging the script, arranging catering, lighting and sound system, etc.


Business and product sessions

Business photos and product photos are an important element of brand building. We work with the best, experienced photographers.


Project designs

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